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Starts with a 2-week trial.


Starts with a 2-week trial.

Private Community for Crypto Traders Looking to Grow

Crypto Masterminds is an online, resource-based community for active cryptocurrency traders & blockchain technology participants. This dynamic forum, based on Slack, serves as a tool to support, train, and better your investing skills. Learn to capitalize on bitcoin and altcoin price fluctuations with the help of other active traders.

Gain leverage over individual cryptocurrency traders by becoming part of a private community.

Welcome to the future – a complex, decentralized fusion of economies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are just the first and currently most-popular coins. Crypto experts are openly expecting an influx of thousands of new tokens, with new coins debuted every month. This being the most volatile market in modern human history, we need to stick together and learn to trust each other, to help maximize our efforts in supporting the new world economy.

Crypto Masterminds Fits Best:

  • When feeling overwhelmed from the vigorous fluctuations of the market.
  • When feeling afraid of what move to make next, due to increased market volatility.
  • When feeling insecure about making a comeback, after suffering a great loss on the market.
  • When gaining momentum, but feeling unsure what step to make next.



Instant Access to Active Crypto Traders

Relationships are important here, but having a reliable team you can trust is even more important. Trading groups are known to go further than individual investors. You are most likely to earn back your membership fee with your first trade made thanks to information gathered on Crypto Masterminds.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

We vet all members, to help end the vicious cycle of uneducated cryptocurrency investments. Our tools help you not only connect with other investors 24/7/365, but also set price alerts, ICO alerts, new coin alerts, pump & dump alerts, and receive valuable news articles delivered daily, so you never miss an important update from the crypto world.

Access To Valuable Information

With 1,000+ coins in existence, and hundreds of crypto media publishers, it can become difficult to keep up with the market and differentiate true from false. Success lies in joining a group of active participants, who are constantly scanning the market for opportunities.

Find Like-Minded People

As a crypto investor, you want to make sure you are making informed decisions. But it’s not all business – sometimes you want to let creativity into your world. Here, you have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, to help gain support on your crypto journey and beyond.

What if you joined a community of active traders dedicated to reaching seven figures on their crypto journey?

What if that group was committed to working together, assisting each other and mentoring each other to achieve growth like never before?

Imagine having access to a number of other traders, active at different time of the day, whose eyes and ears become your own.

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Starts with a 2-week trial.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why the $20/mo fee?

We charge a $20/mo courtesy fee to help prevent member inactivity for prolonged periods of time, and allow our group to grow in the right direction. The funds will be used to support educational resources for members and group activities. 

What questions can I ask and what will I learn?

Our traders are experienced in the areas of day trading, swing trading, long-term investing, mining, ICOs, and other blockchain-related aspects. Ask questions about blockchain, different currencies & tokens, and news and media from the crypto world.

Membership Termination?

We reserve the right to terminate your membership if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate or disrespectful to any of the members, or if it goes against our Code of Conduct.

How is this better than my favorite crypto Facebook group?

Facebook’s algorithms pick what you see and get notified about in Facebook group posts. Slack is a dynamic chat platform that matches the vigorous changes of the crypto world. Our platform is customized to include tools to help you track market flow, and never miss an important update.

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Starts with a 2-week trial.